Dr. Lopamudra Baxipatra,Chairperson

Hailing from an illustrious political family, daughter of the multi-faceted political activist, veteran mass leader and former minister of Odisha, Late Shri Harishchandra Baxiptra, Dr. Lopamudra Baxipatra has been familiar with politics and governance. After the demise of her father she actively involved herself in politics and has assumed responsibility of General Secretary, Zonal President and Vice-President of the State Biju Yuva Janta Dal in the past. She holds a doctorate in Zoology and degrees in law and journalism. She diligently involves herself in many social activities through her association with various development organizations.
With a hands-on experience in working for the economic upliftment of women during her tenure as the Chairperson of Mahila Vikas Samabaya Nigam she now strives to bring about social security of women in Odisha. As Chairperson of the State Commission for Women she is making a sincere effort to implement the right ideas towards the holistic development of the women of Odisha along with endeavors to provide them with a just and safe environment for a life of dignity and integrity.