Success Story

Smt. Kabita Pradhan, w/o Trilochan Pradhan of village Mahipur,P.S. Pipli,Puri had lodged a complaint before the Commission on 07.02.06 against her husband and her in-laws were torturing her mentally and physically for more dowry. Basing on the petition the Commission noticed both the couple for amicably settlement. On 10.04.08,both appeared before the Commission and after a long discussion, the husband accepted Smt. Usharani. Now they are living happily.

On 06.11.06 Geeta Mohanty of Bhubaneswar alleged against her husband Debasis Mohanty, a high ranked officer of Bhubaneswar regarding dowry torture and desertion. As the Opposite Party is a high ranked officer for quick action Commission issued summons to both the parties. After threadbare discussion, the difference of opinion between them was mitigated. This was a grand success for the Commission. BBS-196/06.

Sanjukta sahoo had love with Biswajit Sahoo of Baragarh Mangala sahi, Bhubaneswar. Taking advantage of this, Biswajit kept physical relationship with Sanjukta as of result of which she became Pregnant. When the matter came to the light, Biswajit denied to had relationship with sanjukta. on receipt of this complaint the Commission noticed biswajit and sanjukta to appear before the commission on 13.5.09. On that day both of them appeared and due to successful counseling they became reunited and the life of a mother and child could be saved.BBS-06/08

On receipt of the complaint from Smt. Sobharani Das against her husband and in-laws for demand of more dowry, the Commission initiated a fact finding inquiry. on 11.06.09 both of them appeared before the commission. it was felt that the difference of opinion was developed due to misunderstanding. However the couple were convinced and return back to their home with smile face as their case had been subsided through counseling in one date ,CTC-44/09

Smt. Puspita Nayak had been tortured and deserted by her Government servant husband Sri Pradipta Kumar Sutar who is working as a Teacher regarding demand of more dowry.since the matter is related to dowry torture by a government servant ,the Commission issued summons to Opposite Party through his authorities i.e..C.I. of school sri Sutar appeared before the Commission and refused to pay anything to his wife the Commission directed the C.I. of school to deduct 30% from the monthly salary of Pradipta Kumar Sutar and pay the same to his wife Puspita.It is appreciated that, C.I. of school has ordered to deduct 30% of his salary and pay the same to Puspita for her maintenance.CTC-210/06

Rosalin Dash of Ramachandrapur, Balipatana, Khurda had lodge a complaint that her in-laws are demanding more dowry and threatening to murder her. On the notice of the Commission, both the parties appeared before the Commission on 12.06.09 and agreed to forget the past and live the future with better understanding, love and affection.KDR-236/09

Manjari Jena of Muktapur failed a petiton against her husband and in-laws regarding her dowry torture.on receiving the allegation commission noticed both parties for settlementof dispute.During concillation it was observed that she married to Sitansu 4 yrs back and blessed with a son.she was tortured for dowry by her in-laws.The family dispute between them was discussed and she convinced to return to her in-laws house.Her husband has also assured not create any distrubance and tired his best to take proper care of the child and mother.The intervention of commission,manjari again return with her baby.JJP-126/12

Sabita prusty of Niali , cuttack informed commission against her husband Pradosh regarding his extra-marital relationship with other lady.She was neglected by her husband.Both parties was noticed to appear before commission on 07.01.2012.During concillation ,the opposite party expressed that he had physical relation with his aunty before marriage.He was advised not to keep any relationship with that lady and he agreed to take care of his wife and son properly.Both of them agreed to lead happy life in future.CTC 190/11

Sabitri Goud filed the petition regarding her desertion for dowry by her husband and in-laws in commission.commission noticed both parties to appear before commission on 01.02.2013 the petitioner and her husband appeared before commission and during concillation,Sitaram,opposite party admitted that he tourtured her physically as result her wife deserted him and frequently went to her parents.During discussion,Sitaram assured not to torture in future and Sabitri aggreed not to go frequently to her parents.Thus Sabitri and her husband united again by the interference of commission.GNJ 171/12

Chandana Panda w/o Dillip ku Panda filed a petition against her husband regarding torture. Her husband was arrested by police she failed the case for return of jewellery and rupees 80,000 for her in-law. Commission issued notice twice .The petitioner was presented and narrated about the arrest of her husband. It was decided that to take appropriate action after the release of her husband. On 25.07.2013 Smt. Panda before Commission with the request to drop the case filed by her as she is residing with her husband and living happily with her family.(BDK 77/10)

Jayanti Mallick of kendrapara being torture & deserted by her husband Prakash Mallick lodged a petition in commission on 03.07.2012.Both parties were noticed for their appearance in commission was absent.During discussion,it is reveated that one of the brother-in-law Umesh is playing mischief in her married life.Her brother-in-law as noticed to appear before commission.Accordingly Umesh was present and promised to present Prakash on next date.on 25.02.2013,petitioner and Prakash and their relatives were present after discussion both the parties admitted their fault and promised to be careful not create any distrubance in future and live happily.KND 84/12