Procedure of Cells


The Commission is divided into four cells, i.e. Legal cell, Research cell, counselling Cell and Accountants Cell, Their working procedure are detailed below.

Legal Cell:

The Legal Cell is consisting of two legal Assistants and 10 dealing assistants. After receiving the petitions from the diary section, the Dealing Assts. Make a brief in the file and put the same to the Legal Assts. For suggestions. The Legal Assts. After going through the files give suggestion and endorse the file to Chairperson/ Convenor Secretary for approval. The Dealing Assts. Carry out the orders approved by the Chairperson. Besides, they also put up the letter received from the petitioner/ opposite parties/ S.P./ LSA/ Collectors/ OIC and other officers, to the legal Assts. Simultaneously, the Legal Assts. Give suggestions and endorse the files to Chairperson/ Convenor Secretary for orders. The legal cell also issue summons to the alleged persons not cooperating the Commission for the attendance. The Legal Cell also conducts camp courts in different districts. Apart from that attending the court cases, preparing answers to the Assembly questions, conducting Board Meetings are also the work assigned to the Legal Cell for smooth functioning of the Commission.

Counselling Cell:

The Counselling cell is consisting of three counselors. The counselling cell is the most vital call of the Commission. The Cell conducts counselling in different allegation submitted by women in distress. Even before giving the complaints, the parties are coming for counselling/ advice. Post martial counselling and pre-marital counselling are also to help the distressed lady, guide them through a process of self discovery and appropriate solution.

Research Cell:

The Research Cell is consisting of one Research Asst. who registers all the files received by the Commission from the petitioner district wise every day. It compile month wise and district wise data on dowry death, dowry torture, non-dowry torture, rape, kidnapping, cheating, service matter. Land dispute misbehavior and harassment cases received by the Commission from women folk of Orissa. At the year end the cell compiles the data year wise. Apart from the above function, the cell provides data for press, assembly questions and deals with NCW and SCW files. In addition to the above function the cell deals with RTI applications of Orissa State Commission for Women.

Accounts Cell:

The Accounts Cell is consisting of one Accountant-Cum-Storekeeper and a typist. The Account cell of the Commission is working under the direct supervision of the Convenor Secretary. The Cell is dealing with the office establishment files as well as stock and store charges. The Cell is keeping original vouchers/ records of the bill to meet the audit compliance. The Cell is also calculating monthly honorarium of Chairperson and Members, salary and wages of staff, deputation staff and calculating the TA, DA etc. of Chairperson/ Members and staff. The cell is also maintaining the cash book for day to day expenditure of the Commission.