Functions of the Commission

Section 10(1) of the Orissa State Commission for Women Act provides for the following functions:
(1) a. Make in-depth studies on:-

i. The economic, educational and health situation of the women of the State with particular emphasis on the tribal districts and areas which are under-developed with respect to women’s literacy, mortality and economic development.
ii. Condition in which women work in factories, establishments, construction sites and other similar situations, and recommend to the state govt., on the basis of specific reports, on improving the status of women in the said areas.
iii. On tribal women regarding their economic, educational and health situation.

b. Compile information, from time to time on instances of all offences against women in the state or in selected areas, including cases related to marriage and dowry, rape, kidnapping, abduction, eve-teasing, trafficking and cases of medical negligence related to women

c. Co-ordinate with the State Cell, District Cells and mobilize public opinion for fighting atrocities against women, if any, which would help in speedy reporting and detection of offences.

d. Receive complaints on:

i. atrocities on women and offences against women
ii. deprivation of women of their rights relating to minimum wages, basic health and maternity rights
iii. non-compliance of policy decisions of the Government relating to women
iv. Atrocities on women in custody and take up with authorities concerned for appropriate remedial measures.

e. Rehabilitation of deserted and destitute women and women forced into prostitution,

f. Assist, train and orient the non-government organizations in the state to provide for legal counseling of socially and economically disadvantaged women thereby enabling them to get legal aid at block and village levels.

g. Inspect or cause to be inspected, jail, remand home, women’s institutions or other place of custody where women are kept as prisoners or otherwise and take up with the concerned authorities for remedial action, if found necessary.

h. Perform functions in relation to any other matter which may be referred to it by the state govt.

(2) The state Government shall cause all the recommendations or reports or any part thereof, as may be presented to it by the commission under sub-section (1), which relate to any matter with which the state government is concerned, to be laid before the legislature of the state along with a memorandum explaining the action taken or proposed to be taken on the recommendations of the commission and the reasons for non-acceptance, if any, of such recommendations.

(3) The commission shall while investing any matter referred to in clause (a) or clause (d) of sub-section (1) have all the powers of a Civil Court trying a suit and, in particular, in respect of the following matters, namely :-

a. Summoning and enforcing the attendance of any person from any part of India and examining him on oath.
b. Requiring the discovery and production of any document.
c. Receiving evidence on affidavits
d. Requisitioning any public record or copy thereof from any court of office
e. Issuing commissions for the examination of witness and documents and
f. Any other matter which may be prescribed.